We were once a "Made in America" gift store.

Our beautiful store was once located in Northfield, Ohio and featured gift items from North American companies, missions, and artists.  Unfortunately, we had to closed our doors in December of 2016 for financial reasons.  But the dream of promoting awesome, American Made products persisted.

We love the USA and it's wonderful ideals of justice, democracy, and freedom for all, and believe that if we want to maintain our economic prosperity, we need to support ourselves and our neighbors by buying more American Made products.

But they are so hard to find!

So I made a guide to help you find great American Made Products.


For many years, I felt politics was a dirty word, most politicians were liars, and there was almost nothing I could do to help our country prosper.  I thought getting updated on the all of the many issues would take hours and hours of time that I did not have.

Then I realized that if Americans want justice, democracy, and freedom to continue, we all need to understand and support the political process that protects this.  And there are many politicians who try their hardest to do what is best for the average American and for the American economy.

But, we all need to get informed and vote in every election.  I hope to make this site a place where people can get started on their road to getting informed..  Beginner Politics.

Meet Me

My name is Inara and I live in Ohio, but I am from New Jersey and am a Jersey girl at heart.

I like to call myself Inara Jersey.


Inara Jersey


My husband Mark and I founded Stars on Blue in 2014.  Mark is an engineer and is a supportive, but silent partner.  We have a lovely daughter who is married and is a high school teacher in Virginia.

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