Republicans (GOP)

(red states)


(blue states)

Mostly, Americans all want the same thing...

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Safety and stability.  Prosperity.

We differ on how to get there...

Decreasing taxes and increasing military spending?

Or Increasing taxes and increasing Medicaid assistance?

Or one of many other formulas?

US Political Parties

There are 2 main parties in the US political landscape.  Democrats and Republicans.  There are many very small minor parties as well as Independents who will have their own agendas.

To find out where each party stands on the issues and what the issues are, it is best to look at their most current platforms which are determined around the time of the presidential elections.  Here are links to them:

Democratic Platform  and  Republican Platform

Within the Democratic Party there are moderates and progressives. (Left Wingers)

Within the Republican Party there are moderates and conservatives. (Right wingers)

I have made and easy guide to the issues and where each party stands, along with the reasons, as best as I can figure, as to why they hold those stands.

Offices and Candidates

Our Founding Fathers built our democratic government on the principle of division of power between the 3 main governmental branches;  The president, the congress, and the judiciary.  They did this to prevent any one person from getting too much power.

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