(GOP) Grand Old Party
(red states)



(blue states)


Mostly, Americans all want the same thing...

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Safety and stability.  Prosperity.

We differ on how to get there...

Decreasing taxes and increasing military spending?

Or Increasing assistance to the poor and increasing minimum wage?

Or one of many other formulas?


US Political Parties

There are 2 main parties in the US political landscape.  Democrats and Republicans.  There are many very small minor parties as well as Independents who are not aligned with any party.

To find out where each party stands on the issues and what the issues are, it is best to look at their most current platforms which are determined around the time of the presidential elections.  Here are links to them:

Democratic Platform  and  Republican Platform

Within the Democratic Party there are moderates and progressives. (Also called Left Wingers or Social Democrats.)

Within the Republican Party there are moderates and conservatives. (Also called Right Wingers or the Tea Party.)

I have made an easy list of the issues most people consider important.  Click on the button to your right to see the list.

Offices and Candidates

Our Founding Fathers built our democratic government on the principle of division of power between the 3 main governmental branches;  The president, the congress, and the judiciary.  They did this to prevent any one person from getting too much power.

For a more in-depth explanation of our government's structure and function, click on the button to your right.

For more information on who is running for any particular election and where they stand, go to Ballotpedia, The League of Women Voters, Vote Smart, iSideWith, check with the Secretary of State's website, or Google it.



It is both our wonderful honor and our sacred duty to get informed and vote in every election. Many people have died protecting this right of ours.

Only 50-60% of people vote in a typical presidential election.  In 2016, only 55% of eligible voters actually voted.  And Only 30-40% typically turnout for the primaries and midterms.  Out of 34 democracies ranked in the world, voter turnout for the US ranked 31.  It seems like we are barely a democracy anymore.  Please vote in every election!

In order for our government to be by the people and for the people, our democratic institutions need to be strengthened and used. This especially applies to voting. For directions on where and how to vote, click on the button to your right.


Please don't throw away your vote!  If your political beliefs fall into one of the Minor Parties and the race is close, pick a Republican or Democrat to vote for who is closer to your views.  When the race is not close, then vote for the candidate from the Party closest to your heart, to let the major Parties know what issues are important to you.

Also, except on very rare occasion, you should vote by Party Line straight down the ballot.  This will give your candidates the support they need to run an effective government.  Voting for candidates of different Parties on the same ballot can lead to an ineffective government, or even a government shut down.