Here is a list of the major political issues that I am aware of, though there may be others. I have listed in blue the ones most people look at when deciding who to vote for.

Since not every candidate votes on every issue with the "Party Line", if you are considering voting for them, it is advised that you Google them and check out their website. You can also email or call them if you have any questions.

For a chart of the most common issues and where each party stands, click below.


Economic Issues
Taxes (Income, Corporate, Estate, Property)
Capital Gains Tax / Loopholes / Offshore Banking
Social Security 
Tariffs / TPP / NAFTA
Corporate Welfare / Farm Subsidies
Government Spending / Deficit / Infrastructure
Corporate Mergers / Monopolies
Minimum Wage / Income Inequality
Worker Benefits (Disability, Overtime Pay, etc.)
Jobs / Unemployment
Universal Basic Income / Automation
Pension Privatization

Healthcare Issues
Medicaid / Medicare / ACA (Obamacare) 
Medicaid Work Requirement
Welfare Drug Testing
Universal Health Insurance
Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage
Drug Price Regulation & Medicare
Mental Health Coverage
Addiction Coverage and Safe Havens
VA Privatization
Mandatory Vaccines

Political Issues
Campaign Finance Reform
Term Limits
Domestic & Foreign Lobbying / Ban
Electoral College
Voter Fraud / ID Requirement / Poor People
Candidate Transparency / Public Tax Returns
Supreme Court Nominations

Foreign Policy Issues
United Nations / NATO / Allies
Syria / Iran
Saudi Arabia / Yemen
Central America and the Caribbean
Cuba / North Korea / Phillipines

Torture / Foreign Assassinations
Influencing Foreign Elections
Military Spending / Foreign Aid
Military Action / Congressional Approval
Terrorism / ISIS Ground Troops
Drones (Privacy / Threat)

Criminal Issues
Prisons - Punishment / Reform
Private Prisons / Overcrowding
Private Prisoner Wages
Criminal Voting Rights
Racial Targeting

Domestic Policy Issues
Gun Control / Armed Teachers
Drug Policy - Legalizing Marijuana / Opioid Crisis
Net Neutrality / Social Media Regulation
NSA Domestic Surveillance

Social Issues
Abortion / Planned Parenthood Funding
LGBT - Marriage / Adoption
Religious Freedom Act (Denying Service on Religious Grounds)
Government Mandate - Contraception Coverage
Death Penalty

Immigration Issues
Immigration Policy
Immigrant Children / Dreamers
Sanctuary Cities / Immigrant Laborers
Illegal Immigrant Healthcare
Border Wall
Muslim Immigrant Restrictions

Environmental Issues
Climate Change / Paris Climate Agreement
Gas Pipelines Risk / Drilling Offshore
Alternative Clean Energy
Protecting the Environment

Space Exploration
GMO & Food Labeling

Public School Funding
Racial Discrepancies in Funding
Student Loans
Common Core
Charter Schools / Accountability

Transportation Issues
Public Transportation Subsidies
Self - Driving Cars