Military Spending

Both Republicans and Democrats believe that we need to have a powerful military to protect this great land.

They disagree on exactly how large our military needs to be and how much and where the money in the military budget should be spent.

These, I believe, are how the parties stand on this issue in general. There will always be individuals who don't agree with everything their party professes.


Democrats want a strong, but smaller military, as they prefer to work through diplomacy and consensus with our allies. Since we currently spend more than the next highest 7 counties combined (including China and Russia), Democrats believe we should decrease military spending to more rational levels. Military spending currently makes up about 1/2 of our discretionary spending budget. Democrats want a smaller, better equipped and better paid military, and a large supply of well funded, well protected diplomats. They believe we need to be less willing to go to war, and having a smaller army at the ready will make war less likely.


Republicans want a stronger military, more soldiers, more nuclear missiles, and increased military spending. They support having a large army at the ready incase provoked. They hope that having a large and intimidating army will discourage others from thinking about provoking us.