This is a very general listing of stands.  We encourage people to look up each individual politician's website to see where they stand on any particular issue.  Candidates do not always follow all issues by strict party line.

ISSUE                    SOC DEM                   MOD DEM                  MOD REP                   TEA PARTY

Taxes                            Higher for Rich                   More if Needed                 Always Less                       Low as possible

Deficit                           OK to have some              OK ONLY if Needed         Decrease Spending          Balance Budget Law 

Defense Spending        Big Decrease                     Decrease                           Increase                              Big Increase

Infrastructure              Yes - Lots                            Yes Fix & Upgrade           Yes to Fix                           As Little As Possible

Social Security            Big Increase                      Mod Increase                    Keep As Is                          End Program 

Medicare                      Universal -low OOP         Mod Increase                   Keep As Is                          End Program 

Medicaid                      Universal -low OOP         Mod Increase                   Mod Decrease                   End Program

ACA/Obamacare       Universal -low OOP         Strengthen ACA              End Program                      End Program

Minimum Wage           $15/hr                               $12/hr                               $7.25/hr                              End

Gun Control                 High Regulation               Increase Regulation      Keep as is                            No Regulation

Abortion                       Keep Legal                       Keep Legal                      Make Illegal                        Make Illegal

Gay Marriage               Allow                                 Allow                                Don't Allow                         Don't Allow

Immigration                 Path to Citizen                 Path to Citizen                 Deport                                 Deport

Climate Change          Real & Urgent                  Real & Urgent                  Not Real                             Not Real

Gerrymandering         Stop It                                Stop It                               Keep It                                Keep It

Campaign Reform      Yes!                                    Yes                                      No                                            No 


Abbreviation Definitions

SOC DEM = Social Democrats,   MOD DEM = Moderate Democrats,   MOD REP = Moderate Republicans

TEA PARTY = Conservative Republicans

ACA = Affordable Care Act,  OOP = Out of Pocket Costs,  hr = hour

Note:  Some issues are frequently lied about by certain parties.  Politicians will say one thing to get elected, but then consistently vote for the opposite.  Please check voting records on issues regarding taxes, the deficit, Medicare, and Social Security to confirm how your candidate, and their party members in general, actually vote when in office.